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Today and Tomorrow in Scottsdale

Aug 29, 2023

When it comes to Scottsdale’s commercial real estate scene, no one knows it better than Jon Rosenberg. Since cofounding his firm, LevRose Commercial Real Estate, 30 years ago, he has helped business people pursue their dreams throughout the city, especially downtown, where he’s been located all that time. Jon, a 

Aug 22, 2023

Few people have been as involved in shaping Scottsdale as Kurt Brueckner. He’s a founding partner in Titus Brueckner Spitler & Shelts, one of the city’s leading law firms. But that’s just the tip of the impact he’s had on the city. Kurt has had leadership roles across the city for several decades, from city...

Aug 15, 2023

When you get to know Lee Ann Witt, executive director of Scottsdale Leadership, you’ll learn why the organization continues to be such a valuable institution in the city. Lee Ann models what it takes to be a leader: a deep passion for the community, strong set of values and creative vision for what’s ahead. Soon she...